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Vocations to the Priesthood
Some Answer to Your Questions

 •  What is a calling?
 •  Who is a priest?
 •  And a diocesan priest?
 •  How do I become a priest?

 •  Vocations Directors Nearest To You
 •  More Vocations Ideas

What is a calling?
Every person is called to be someone in life, to achieve a certain purpose discerned somewhere along the way, and to make a difference. As Catholics, we are called to answer a spiritual calling in our lives. This calling can take various forms, through married and family life, as a single devoted to the service of God and humankind, as a religious or as a priest.

One cannot be truly fulfilled, in all honesty to oneself, if one does not answer one’s true calling in life, as there will always be a feeling of something missing, or something which has yet to be done. We are all called to seek out our calling in life, and to strive to answer it. As Catholics, we seek to do so through deep and open prayer, and through spiritual discernment and guidance from those in touch with the faith. In this way, we will be able to be clearer about what God has set out before us, and also give us the strength and will to answer His call.

If you are here, chances are that you have a nagging feeling about the Roman Catholic priesthood. Perhaps you have been having thoughts about being a priest: Do you see yourself celebrating Sunday Mass? Or giving joy, comfort and solace to those who seek your ministry, guidance and prayer? Do you see yourself leading a community in prayer and better Christian living? Maybe even get persistent images of yourself in a cassock or collar? If so, you have come to the right place. Through these brief pages, we will help you to find some answer, and also more questions which will feed your curiosity and interest in the priesthood, and perhaps help you inch even closer to deciding on a new and exciting life: a life in the ranks of God’s faithful priesthood.



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