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Vocations to the Priesthood
Some Answer to Your Questions

 •  What is a calling?
 •  Who is a priest?
 •  And a diocesan priest?
 •  How do I become a priest?
 •  Vocations Directors Nearest To You
 •  More Vocations Ideas

So How Do I Become A Priest?
The decision to join the priesthood, although welcome, is not one to be taken lightly. As you have read and seen, it entails huge responsibility, commitment and spiritual and pastoral obedience.

You should resort to deep prayer and dialogue with the Holy Spirit, to know if He is calling you to the priesthood. You should be informed on the life of a priest – not only the joys and satisfactions, but also the pains, difficulties and frustrations that come with it.

You should also be objective and honest with yourself about your abilities, talents and commitments. Do you think you have what it takes to be a priest? To do what priests have to do, day after day, for the betterment of the Church?

But most of all, you should not keep your discernment process to yourself. Speak to your parish priest or someone in your Church community about it. Even better, contact your diocese’s vocations director, most often a priest who will be able to enlighten you more on the priesthood and help you along your way. Through their guidance, and also through retreats vocations stay-ins and other means, you may eventually be able to make a choice – and if you choose to join the priesthood, welcome aboard!



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