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Vocations to the Priesthood
Some Answer to Your Questions

   What is a calling?
   Who is a priest?
   And a diocesan priest?
   How do I become a priest?
   Vocations Directors Nearest To You
   More Vocations Ideas

More Vocations Ideas
We have listed our some links which might be of interest to you in discerning your vocation to the priesthood, as well as possible options within the priesthood itself. Feel free to browse through and enrich yourself with the things you will find.

   St. Francis Xavier Major Seminary, Singapore

Vocations Websites:
   KL Archdiocese Vocation Promotion Team
   Catholic Vocations Australia
   VISION Vocation Network for Catholic Vocations

   Roman Catholic Vocations
   Life In Kampung Punggol (Blog by Priests and Seminarians of Singapore Seminary)

Religious Orders & Communities of Apostolic Life:
   The Jesuits (Singapore)
   The Franciscans (Malaysia & Singapore)
   The Mill Hill Missionaries



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