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Vocations to the Priesthood
Some Answer to Your Questions

   What is a calling?
   Who is a priest?
   And a diocesan priest?
   How do I become a priest?

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Who is a Roman Catholic priest?
There is no one sentence that can really describe who a Roman Catholic priest is. Put simply, he is a man called to live a life committed to being Christ among us. Some of us have quite a good idea of who a Roman Catholic priest is, some only a rather stereotyped idea from TV and the media, and then some, only from their occasional personal encounters.

In practical terms, first and foremost, he is an ordained minister of the sacraments of the Church. In this, his most visible role to most people is as a presider at the celebration of the Eucharist. He is also seen presiding over funerals and weddings.

In his ministry, a priest can be assigned in various situations requiring his skill and training. These assignments are numerous, and range from parish work, to a chaplaincy to prisons, hospitals, campuses or the military, social work among the poor and downtrodden, missionary areas, research, literary and creative (music, arts, web) endeavours, academic instruction and even administrative and management roles in the Church and its institutions. In each situation, the priest is called to serve Christ by working towards the betterment of the Church, the community and the world.

In his commitment to Christ and the Church, a priest takes a number of vows, depending on whether he is a diocesan or religious priest. All priests take a vow of celibacy and obedience, and most religious priests additionally take a vow of poverty.

A Roman Catholic priest takes on many roles in his community. He is a presider, preacher, teacher, counsellor, role model, spiritual guide and friend. In this regard, it must seem to be a great deal of responsibility and requires a lot from someone considering this sacred calling. However, it is very important for someone contemplating the priesthood to realise that you will not be alone in it all. The Church, the community, perhaps even your family, but most of all, the guidance and providence of the Holy Spirit will be with you along your journey, and if it is indeed your calling to be among the royal priesthood, it will be a choice you shall not regret!



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